Our education system goes beyond the bookish knowledge of the subjects. The approach helps in achieving not only just excellence in academics but also excellence at par with multitudinal aspects of school life. We wish to promote the multidimensional personality of all students. To achieve this purpose, we pursue a variety of activities, clubs and competitions.


An institute of creativity is a brainchild of a group of educationists who mean to identify and carefully nurture the creativity in the child artists of today. Srijan intends to first spot such talent among children and subsequently train them for the respective art that they are capable of with the help of the best experts available in the field. This club received an award of honour from H.E. Gen. Retd. S.F. Rodrigues, Governor of Punjab and Administrator of U.T. Chandigarh in 2008. Srijan organizes talent hunt in the school for the following areas of creative art: Creative writing Dance Fine arts-Best out of waste, painting.

Project Citizen

Our school has adopted a program in civic education i.e. ‘We the people: Project Citizen.’ The project highlights the vitality of holding an opinion in society i.e. a right to express with a sense of responsibility. It intends to make the student an aware and vigilant citizen. To implement the project effectively, the task is not simply to identify a social problem but also to find a progressive solution and ensure its enforcement.

Activity Clubs

A variety of clubs are organised to provide fun, excitement and joy of self-expression through music, art and drama. The innate talent of all students is nurtured in the distinct clubs namely – music, painting & sketching, rangoli, dramatics, cookery, creative writing, dance, origami, bansai, peace, soft toys making and so on.

Activity Day

Saturday is marked as the day for multifarious activities namely – elocution, poetry recitation, G.K. quiz, jam sessions, singing etc. The activities are conducted under the guidance and supervision of the house-incharges. The main concern is to discover hidden talents and boost up their confidence so that the children can shed their stage fear and hesitation.

The School Cabinet

To make the students conscious of their duties, responsibilities and discipline, a fresh crop of leadership among the student fraternity emerges every year. The members of the office bearers are bestowed with ranks and honours. They are presented badges and are made to take an oath administered by the Principal. The new appointments include The School Head Boy, Head Girl, House Captains, Prefects, Discipline Incharge and other Office Bearers.

House Meetings

House meetings are a regular feature once in a month. The students of the four houses i.e. Nishtha, Jyoti, Abhyas and Swayamprabha assemble for the meetings. They recite their respective house songs and their house motto. Different topics related to the daily routine of students’ life are taken up as the agenda of the meetings.


Reading together is an activity when for a few minutes every year, all the school activities in the school campus come to a halt as everybody is absorbed in silent reading. This is done to inculcate a reading culture not only among the students but also in teaching and non-teaching fraternity; even the visitors are provided with reading material. To inculcate reading habit, book fair, reading quiz and many other Library related competitions are held.


Koshish1 is an educator’s forum supported by INTEL, which organizes regular open forums focusing on value addition for educators every month.

Koshish1 has been an endeavour made to follow up, monitor, facilitate and enhance the efforts made by schools to promote TAL (Technology Aided Learning) amongst the students. ‘Koshish’ has become a tool in the hands of the educator to attain a futuristic approach to teaching and learning process. This club has received award in 2007 by H.E. Gen Retd. S.F. Rodrigues, Governor of Punjab andAdministratorU.T. Chandigarh.


DAV philosophy is that in the process of moulding our children, we not only accept the best that the western education has to offer but also integrate it with the basic values of our ancient cultural heritage. We have set a trend to harmonize the school ambience with the ‘hawan1 or Vajya’. The efforts are towards making Yajya1 an integral part so as to generate a pious and pure way of living.

By doing hawans, we rejuvenate the chastity of the atmosphere. The recitation of the ved mantras help us to recuperate from all the hurries and worries of life. Listening to the sermons of great yogis and purohits help us to grow into compassionate human beings. Thus, we realize the importance of a saying which goes like this: “Be nice to all human beings, you are still one of them.”

Welcome to a journey through DAV Public School, Sector 8-C Chandigarh, a school that has entered its 41 st year land mark. These years have given the required experience and wisdom to us – the facilitators, to help our learners to introspect themselves in order to accentuate their potential...Read more

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