“Learning is a life long process which starts from the cradle to the grave.” This aptly suits our institution as the mode of education at DAVPS 8-C and 39-D. It aims at preparing the students to be lifelong learners by developing their latent qualities as academic achievers, keen collaborative learners, progressive thinkers, effective communicators and responsible citizens. We provide a conducive and stimulating environment so that every child gives his or her best&further develops an inquisitive and probing mind.

The aim of DAVPS is to incline the children towards learning by making teaching child centered and activity based. The school offers a broad & balanced curriculum, which directs every child towards a goal and promises the enforcement of strategies to achieve that goal. We give paramount importance to the students1 all round development i.e. intellectual, social, physical, moral & emotional.

We stand committed to guard the innocence of every child and at the same time make him or her a vigilant citizen.


The school follows the guidelines of CBSE, New Delhi. The curriculum is a synergy of sports, music, dramatics, dance and computers with vital emphasis on academics.

Nurturing The Early Years (Kindergarten)

The youngest lot of children needs a secure environment, space to learn, to play & to grow. Our kindergarten faculty accepts the challenging task of rearing the tender minds with delight. The teaching-learning process is child-centered, activity based & imparted by playful methods so as to develop confidence, social skills, verbal abilities & motor skills in every child. A theme is adopted for the month, based on which activities are conducted, worksheets are made and information related to the said theme is imparted to the students. The tiny tots are evaluated by continuous observation method taking into consideration the three R’s.

Junior Schooling

At the second phase of schooling, as the I.Q. level of the child increases, the teaching-learning methodology takes a step ahead. The aim is to make these years as exciting as the previous years and at the same time fulfilling & productive too. The children are encouraged to participate in the broad spectrum of co-curricular activities. The evaluation procedure is named CCE i.e. Continuous & Comprehensive Evaluation visa-vis, cycle tests, surprise tests, activities and projects are conducted from time to time. This makes the child constantly alert about his performance without any laxity.

Highhand Senior Secondary Schooling

This phase of schooling aims at heading towards the growing impetus of every student. We lay stress on encouraging curiosity, stimulating intellect & rationalizing their thinking. The curriculum is so formulated as to prepare them to meet & accept the challenges of life. The expert faculty deals with the core academic subjects and provides the students with the latest & updated information.

Informal Interaction

The present scenario calls for not only imparting formal education to a child on entering an institution but also aiming at the all round personality development of a child. We at DAVPS-8-C & 39-D wish to discover a spark in each student, further enlighten it that it becomes a source of illumination itself. The child is evaluated continuously and comprehensively which enables us to ascertain the overall performance, with regards to quantum and quality. The institution works to put the child at ease as he / she gets another home away from home where he / she can not only shed the fears and sorrows but also at the same time visualize new joys and hopes. We are constantly in touch with the parents of the students with regard to their performances, their abilities, their weaknesses and their behaviour. The parents too extend a hand of cooperation to make ourjoint venture successful. To further fulfil the goal of 100% personality development of a child, the school regularly invites expert counsellors to guide the students to choose and pursue a career, and also help solve the behavioural problems of children.

Highlights Of The Teaching Methodology For Board Examinees
  • Interactive classroom teaching.
  • Multimedia as teaching aid.
  • Group discussions and seminars.
  • Visits by eminent guest speakers on science & technology to keep the students as well as the teachers abreast with the latest information.
  • Sessionson career counselling by experts.
  • Vital emphasis on project work and field visits.
  • Literary, cultural & sports activities as an integral part of learning.
  • Special coaching for slow learners.

Welcome to a journey through DAV Public School, Sector 8-C Chandigarh, a school that has entered its 41 st year land mark. These years have given the required experience and wisdom to us – the facilitators, to help our learners to introspect themselves in order to accentuate their potential...Read more

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